The Divine line was founded by Don and David Divine.  This family of bulldogs has excelled for the last 20 years.  You won't find much of this blood out there considering the Divines never sold dogs.  We obtained these dogs through close friendship.

This family of dogs was founded on the great Ace Ch. Cassius Clay.  Cassius was of pure Corvino breeding.  Maurice Carver later gave a little black pup to Mr. Divine called Patty.  Patty was a full belly sister to Gr. Ch Art.  The breeding of Cassius to Patty produced too many good dogs to list.

You'll find that the Divines made very few outcrosses through the years.  When they did breed out, it was to some of the greats of that time.  These would be Davis' Ch. Midnight Cowboy, Davis' Chivo, Gr. Ch Boomerang and Daniel's Ch. Tommy.   For those who don't know it, the Ch. Tommy cross produced the famous Ch Saloon/Double Gr. Ch. Tornado line. This blood nicks very well with Patrick/Maloney, Boyles and Redboy bloodlines.